The game of soccer consists of eleven players who have their respective roles on the pitch. The eleven players have to work together to create a beautiful game and of course in order to achieve victory. Each player has a duty, such as one of them is the position of the goalkeeper who plays a role to keep the goal so as not to be broken by the opposing team. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to check out, if you’re looking for a pair of excellent gloves for a goalkeeper.

The goalkeeper position is the most important element on the defense side. The position became the defense commander who set the players behind to keep the depth so that the opponent is not easy to get into the area of the opponent’s penalty box and hit the kick towards the goal.

If the opposing player is able to kick the ball towards the goal, of course, the most crucial position should hold the ball to avoid conceding and certainly helps in improving the mentality of the teammates.

Because it can not be denied that the goalkeeper is able to improve the quality of the game if it appears heroic under the rule by thwarting a number of opponent golden opportunities. No wonder that some coaches entrust the captainship of the team with the goalkeeper.

To be a great goalkeeper, of course, already have to master some basic techniques. Here are some basic techniques that must be mastered by the goalkeeper:


Of course, the first technique is there is no fear of hard kicks from opposing players. Because it must be admitted, the opposing players will try to make a hard shot towards the goal. Thus, the first technique is the courage to block the ball, although it comes quickly.


After daring to dispel a hard shot, the next technique that must be mastered by the goalkeeper is determination, namely quick decision-making. The game of soccer is synonymous with fast and with high intensity. So, the decision must be taken as soon as possible. A determination is required by the goalkeeper to decide a number of unforeseen circumstances when the game has started.

Sharp Sight

Two techniques have been mastered, the next technique is also very important is the goalkeeper must have a sharp vision. With good eyesight, the goalkeeper can read the direction of the ball, the movements of the players and give the bait.


A goalkeeper must stand in the right position when the opponent’s players hit hard kick towards goal. By placing the right position, it will narrow the angle of the shot, making it difficult for the opponent.


The most important technique for the goalkeeper is to have a quick reflex. Has a speed in reacting to the ball that can not be predicted before.